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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Prairie Dogs and Babies

In Castle Rock, CO a citizens’ movement arose recently to protect a resident colony of prairie dogs from encroachment by a new real estate development.  Much fuss was made over the plight of these creatures, and they ended up being moved further out into the country as a result. It is a known fact that prairie dogs are hosts for fleas, which makes them susceptible to bubonic plague, which if contracted by humans can be a real problem (think “Black Death”).1   In any event we have witnessed the generous, compassionate side of a group of local residents in their efforts to protect and relocate these animals. 

Now please don’t misunderstand me—I don’t dislike animals.  I do like animals—I like them grilled, stewed, smoked and baked (not talking about prairie dogs here, obviously).  My point is that it is sad to see so much time, effort and resources devoted to moving a species of ground squirrels that are known pests and disease carriers, while at the same time, millions of people apparently find it acceptable to not provide that much consideration to the unborn humans among us. 

Think about it—some individuals vehemently argue for the right to choose whether a baby (at least in the womb for now) is killed or not, while the ASPCA receives over $150 million a year2 to take care of animals and find them homes for adoption, etc.  In Colorado, you can do hard time and pay large fines for animal cruelty3, but there is no law to protect an unborn baby from being murdered like baby Aurora when she was cut out of her mother’s womb recently.  Have we as a society gone totally mad?

Some facts to prayerfully consider, courtesy of the Vitae Foundation:
58 million       Number of abortions since 1973
3,000               Number of abortions every day
30%                 Of women will have an abortion
64%                 Of women were coerced into abortions
·                      82%                Wouldn’t have aborted if one person had encouraged them not to

Pray that the gains which the pro-life movement slowly has been  making continue and increase; pray that God have mercy on all of us.  

And support respect life efforts, such as:

40 Days for Life

Vitae Foundation

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